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Cyber Monday

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Oh how I love shopping….today is the day that I wish I could just be at home in front of my computer buying endless amounts of on-line merchandise. I could get all of my Christmas shopping done in 1 day!  I hate knowing that I will probably miss out on some great deals today…but oh well! What can you do? I did do a little shopping on-line today…mostly taking advantage of the free-shipping deals. Any site that does not offer free-shipping is not worth it in my opinion. What really irritates me is a website like Crate & Barrel where you can get free shipping if you spend $100 or more…wow really? that’s it? I mean come on…you can basically find that deal anywhere on any given day. When are all retailers going to realize that they should offer free shipping on ALL orders?? I would probably do almost all of my shopping on-line especially Christmas shopping.  I cannot justify paying shipping to stores that are in my backyard…I just wish they all would offer free shipping and save me the hassle of having to fight the holiday crowds…oh well. I am pretty stoked that I found a $50 gift card to Crate & Barrel today in my purse…not sure where that is from. It must be a left-over wedding gift. It is already burning a hole in my pocket now that I know it is there & I desperately want some new Christmas decorations. Looks like I am going to have to make the trip over there to use it instead of wasting $10 on shipping…..


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