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New Uses for Old Things…

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One of my favorite articles in Real Simple magazine is the New Uses for Old Things. This month they have “New Uses for Christmas Things” ! A few of new & fun ideas I liked best from this article were…

– Using cookie cutters for tree ornaments…I don’t have any cookie cutters…but this would be a good idea for my mom or grandma that have TONS! 🙂

– Greeting cards as gift tags…after every Christmas I go through all of the Christmas cards we have received & cut the cards that are pretty, unique or would make pretty tags for next Christmas.  A way that I recycle…:)

– Shoe box for Christmas light storage…definitely going to try this

– Sugar bowl made into a candle holder

– Jump rope as ribbon replacement on gifts….FUN!

A full list can be found here:

Thank you Real Simple for your great ideas. If you don’t subscribe, I highly suggest you do! Of course I may be considered an “organizational freak” and this magazine features a lot about organization 🙂


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  1. This is great! Now if they could only come up with new uses for this old lady!!


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