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House Divided

I came across these great Purdue & IU pennants while shopping at a great antique store during our annual trip to my hometown, Richland Michigan. I didn’t end up purchasing these as they were more money than I wanted to spend. They would have fit in at our house perfectly though, as we are a house divided. Boiler UP!

Frame, Chalkboard, yellow vase & yellow napkin holder

Above is the chalkboard, cabinet frame, and matching yellow vase and napkin holder that I did take home from the Antique Store. I am so excited for this chalkboard, it is currently hanging in my kitchen…but I have to go buy chalk! I haven’t done anything with the cabinet frame yet. I am torn between buying more and putting them all together on one wall with nothing in them, or hanging it with a vintage scarf in it…we’ll see. I am using the yellow pieces in my kitchen & they are great for a pop of color. I have these great colorful fabric napkins that were a wedding gift and now I can display them! Pictures to come…

Love to find great antique finds…what are your favorite antique store finds?


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  1. Score! In my opinion, great finds are old beer signs that I’m forced to put in the garage.

  2. My dad grew up in Indiana… we’d spend our summers there at my grandparent’s lake cottage (Michigan), and as kids we thought the Purdue song was the funniest thing ever.


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