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my passions are faith,  sports,  organization,  shopping,  fashion,  food & dogs (not necessarily in that order…)…so that is mostly what you will find here 


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  1. bethers – is there a way I can share a link to your blog on my blog? I need a tutorial on wordpess as well as twitter! =)

  2. Beth – I admire your work. If you are ever looking for a new opportunity as a Brand Manager
    , please let me know. Tony Laws – 317-833-6046

  3. Tony Miranda

    Mrs. Beth Duncan,

    I work at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I sent you an invite to a special program here at the Track. I am not sure if it got lost in the mail or went to the wrong address, but I would like to email you the invite and see if you can make it to this event. Is there an email address that I can reach you at so that I can attach the invite?

    Thanks for your time!

    Tony Miranda | Intern, Marketing
    Indianapolis Motor Speedway

    4790 West 16th Street – Indianapolis, IN 46222
    P 317.492.6644 | C 574.238.9520 | |


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